Being a man is a high stake in this life, we feel alone, humiliated by woman, and judged by other men. Modern comfortable life has deteriorating effects on our masculinity. Today suicide rates in men are much higher than our gender counterparts.

In such a world, to be able to thrive, a man needs to learn new things, not just new, but the best things, about himself, his body and his whole being. There were many times in my journey where I feel lost, deeply depressed, completely shattered, utterly hopeless. I cannot say I have not given up, I did, many times… But life does not wait for you, it keeps moving, and if you want to live a decent life, it is always possible. You just need to get up, rise on your knees and ask for it. Just claim it.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

- G. Michael Hopf

Hi, I’m Fatih

Sex and sexuality have been my primary interest in my whole life. I would read whatever I could find about sexuality since I was a young teenager.

I had a BA in Sociology, with a graduation thesis on gender roles, which offers a feminine approach to feminism. When I was living in Japan in 2003 a series of events lead me to a spiritual “awakening”. I started doing meditation retreats, visiting Yoga Gurus in India, and Sufi Masters in Turkey.

In 2007 I discovered an authentic school that brings together sexuality and spirituality in a very coherent way. My life took a sharp turn and since then and I have been practicing Taoist techniques and tantric yoga to optimize my sex life.

In 2014 I simultaneously entered the world of plant medicine and started discovering the therapeutic aspects of Tantra. This gave me a new psychological approach to sexuality, which was radically different from the earlier Tantra training I had before. My Tantric approach is a synthesis of powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques, combined with active meditation and catharsis as tools of self-transformation. 

My quest for self-discovery led me to meditation retreats, deep inner work retreats, vision quests, and ceremonies in countries like Japan, Thailand, India, Greece, Italy, and Chile. 

My work consists of helping men lasting longer in bed while opening up to the possibilities of love and spiritual growth, understanding, and working with their energy systems. 

I am also working with male archetypes and the concepts of initiation and rites of passage, for helping men reclaim the masculine identity.